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Lease a 2021 Volkswagen today!

The largest selection of any new 2021 VW to lease in Long Island is here at VIP Auto Lease! We have the newest models like the

ID.4 Atlas Atlas Cross Sport Tiguan Jetta Jetta GLI Passat Arteon Gold Golf GTI Taos

The top VW SUVs, cars, crossovers the lowest prices. If you live in Nassau or Suffolk County you might qualify for one of our zero down leases on any VW model! We have every trim available, with any milelage limit that you need at prices you can afford!

Volkswagen is the people's car. In order to get more people driving Volswagen concentrated on building affordable models and this was an astute policy. With its distinctive bubble shape, the Beetle is technically known as the Volkswagen Type 1. This simple looking car was certainly more advanced than anything else in its class. We all know that Volkswagen made great cars but when they were first brought to America only two were sold during the first year. Thanks to some nifty advertising from Doyle Dane Bernbach sales increased dramatically. With that success, the company developed similarly affordable yet well-engineered compact models and the Beetle gave birth to the Volkswagen Polo. This sportier [...]

Jeep is one of the most popular vehicles to lease in Long Island. We carry every model and every trim, whether you are looking for a compact SUV or an offroad SUV. At VIP Auto Long Island our goal is simple, to help you to lease a new Jeep for the lowest possible price. 2021 Jeeps are now in stock and waiting for you, and with our online car leasing program you never need to come in, we even deliver the vehicle to you!

The Jeep is the car that helped win the war. That's the image the name conjures up. Oh, how it has grown from being a rather spartan vehicle to a luxury offroad brand. I guess it sums up what is good about America and anything is possible. From its headquarters in Toledo Ohio, the Jeep went from military brand to  SUV success. With its strong axels, this car can drive America.

After World War  Two the Station Wagon, the Station Truck and the Jeepster all followed but these were not aimed at passenger-car market. It wasn't until they were taken over by Chrysler and they launched the Jeep Wrangler in 1987 that the desirability of the brand was established. Its rugged off-road abilities and ever increasingly luxurious interior make the Jeep so popular. It was the 1993 Jeep® Grand Cherokee which first [...]


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Cheapest SUV, Compact Or Mid-Size Lease In Long Island

When it comes to car leasing, we have revolutionized Strong island. We now literally offer any make or model at the lowest prices guaranteed. Whether you need a gas saving compact car, a mid size for a small family, and SUV for extra serotonin or a Mini-Van for a large family- we can help. So if you are shopping around for a Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Jeep, GMC, RAM, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Volkswagen or any other vehicle- you have reached the pinnacle of leasing. Contact us today for a fast &am [...]

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