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If you are looking to lease a brand new 2021 Chrysler stop on by VIP Auto Long Island, or even better, lease online! We are based in Great Neck, NY but we will deliver any Chrysler you order online directly to your door anywhere in Long Island. With the lowest prices in the area we guarantee you will save money. Short and long term Chrysler leases are available. Ask us for a free quote today!

Chrysler Lease FAQ:

Can I lease Chrysler with 0 down in Long Island?

Many of our clients in Long Island, with good credit scores qualify for a 0 down lease on 2021 Chrysler models.

What is the cheapest Chrysler to lease in Long Island?

At VIP Auto in Long Island, we offer the brand new 2021 Chrysler Pacific, a 3-row minivan, perfect for families, for as low as $308.00 per month.

Are Chryslers a good vehicle to lease?

Chrysler makes a large selection of affordable cars and minivans, and with zero down leasing can be a great option for anyone on a budget.

How many miles can you drive on a leased Chrysler?

Your annual mileage cap will help to determine the monthly payment. Smaller mileage limits, like 8,000 miles per year will be a cheaper lease than 12,000 miles per year.

What are my end of lease options?

When you approach the end of your Chrysler lease your options will be:

  • To extend the lease
  • To return the vehicle
  • To Purchase the vehicle

How often does a 2021 Chrysler need the oil changed?

If you are using synthetic oil in your 2021 Chrysler the oil can be changed every 10k miles

If you are using conventional oil it should be changed every 5k miles.

Do Chryslers require synthetic oil?

Many new Chryslers have the option to use either conventional or synthetic oils. Most new ones should come with synthetic and you should continue to use synthetic in this case.

Are new Chryslers safe vehicles?

Yes, the Pacifica and the Voyager, along with other Chrysler models have received 5 stars crash safety ratings in both frontal and side impact crash tests.

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