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Ford Lease FAQ:

What is the most inexpensive Ford to lease in Long Island?

The new Ford EcoSport is an inexpensive SUV that comes with an excellent infotainment system, has very good handling, and can be leased for only $254.07 per month.

What are the benefits of leasing a Ford?

If you are an individual or family leasing a Ford you can be certain you will save hundreds in taxes and sales tax, and if you are an independent contractor you can save even more through tax deductions.

How many miles can you drive on a leased Ford?

Many of the Ford lease contracts at VIP Auto of Long Island are about 8k-10k depending on your needs.

Can I purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease?

As you approach the end of your lease, purchasing the vehicle might be one of your end of lease options. You also might be able to extend the lease.

When leasing a Ford, how often should I change the oil?

For the newer Ford models, it is recommended to have your oil changed every 7,500 to 10,000  depending on the driving conditions and oil type.

Which oil should I use in a new Ford?

To get the most out of your leased Ford it is suggested to use a synthetic based oil at each oil change.

Are Ford’s safe vehicles?

The F-150, Fusion, Explorer along with other Ford models have been rated an overall 5 stars by the NHTSA.

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