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Lease a 2021 Genesis today!

The new 2021 Genesis is one of the most affordable and luxurious cars available in Long Island. With its easy-to-use technology and spacious interior is the perfect car for you and your family!

Lease it now anywhere in Nassau and Suffolk County at VIP Auto Lease of Long Island. We have the best Genesis lease specials in 2021

These are the new 2021 Genesis models

  • G70 Sedan
  • G80 Sedan
  • G90 Sedan
  • GV80 SUV

Which one will you choose? Get your instant lease quote online today!

Genesis Lease FAQ:

What is the most affordable Genesis to lease in Long Island?

The new 2021 Genesis G70 2.0T is a sports sedan and at a lease price of only $389.83 makes it one of the most affordable luxurious vehicles.

What is the best way to lease a new Genesis with 0 down?

At VIP Auto Lease of Long Island, we have some of the best zero down leases on every 2021 Genesis model. With proof of income and a strong credit score, you can qualify for one of our many Genesis leasing specials, including 0 down leases. We deliver anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk County NY.

What are the benefits of leasing a Genesis?

The lease price of any vehicle is determined by the residual value of the vehicle. Since Genesis holds their value the lease price is usually much less than the purchase price.

How many miles per year can you drive on a Genesis?

Most customers at VIP Auto of Long Island choose a mileage allowance of 10,000 miles, but it could be more or less depending on your driving needs.

What end of lease options are there for a Genesis?

When you approach the end of a Genesis lease you will have an option to renew or extend the contract.

How often should a Genesis have an oil change?

If you are using conventional oil on a Genesis the oil should be changed every 5000 miles.

If you are using synthetic oil it should be changed every 10,000 miles.

When I lease a Genesis, which oil should I use?

To maintain optimal performance in your Genesis you should be using a  5W-30 synthetic based oil.

Are Genesis cars safe vehicles?

Yes, the NHTSA has rated most of the 2020 Genesis models 5 stars in their safety crash tests.

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