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Lease a 2021 Infiniti today!

Infiniti makes some of the most iconic and reputable luxury cars and SUVs in the year 2021. And the center for the most affordable 2021 Infiniti leases in Nassau or Suffolk County is at VIP Auto Lease of Long Island.

Some of our most popular new Infiniti models are the:


  • QX50
  • QX60
  • QX80


  • Q50
  • Q60

With Infiniti lease less than $400 per month, we have something for everyone. And with the excellent safety ratings on all their models, a new Infiniti is perfect for families. Browse each trim and model online, and you can not only get an instant lease quote but can qualify for your lease as well. We will even deliver your brand new Jaguar anywhere in Long Island NY.

The Infiniti brand has been on top of their game to match other car models with their latest designs and trending equipment in the car interiors. They have upgraded their SUVs and sedans with so much work put into it to ensure customers get to have maximum satisfaction when they own one. The 2020 version of their top leased car are available at our showroom, these cars are;


This is the most searched infinite in our showroom; the SUV is a prominent one that has satisfied customers without a single complaint from any. The luxury seven seating capacity SUV is powered by a v6 engine which has a very low fuel consumption rate. The interior is garnished with the latest car infotainment to keep everyone entertained on the go.


The Infiniti Q50 sedan is one of our recommended sedans to our clients who seek our opinion on which sedan they should lease. The sedan exterior is so elegant that one could mistake it for a Benz if he/she sees it from afar. The 2020 Infiniti sedan is powered by a V6 engine that is powerful enough for day to day activities with it.


The Infiniti qx50 SUV is the lower model to that of infinite qx60. The qx50 is a family SUV that has a roomy and stylish cabin that can accommodate upto five people. The 2020 Infiniti qx50 has installed new safety features and also with the latest infotainments to keep everyone safe and lively during a long ride with the upscale sleek styling of the interiors.


The 2020 Infiniti Q70 sedan is one of the most expensive sedans in our showroom, and it is our second sedan from the Infiniti model. The stylishness of this sedan is very evident; its interior is so smooth and sleek that anyone that enters would not want to come down quickly. The sedan is powered by a 3.7L V6 engine with less fuel consumption rate.


This is our third sedan from the Infiniti model, and it is the biggest of them all. This is a very big and powerful SUV from the brand. It is made for those that love it big; the interior of the SUV is very spacious for maximum comfort. The infotainment in this SUV is just impeccable; it is powered by a 5.6L V8. Yes, the SUV is such a powerful one.

The above are the cars we have from the Infiniti brand. Each of these cars is unique and all made for a different purpose. So before deciding to go for any, outline your reasons and pick the right one that will serve the purpose irrespective of the lease price. However, we are open to suggestions if you want our opinion.

Infiniti Lease FAQ:

What is the most affordable Infiniti to lease in Long Island?

The new 2021 Infiniti Q50 Sedan is an AWD compact executive car that is one of the most affordable cars available. We lease it to our customers in Long Island for as low as $375.00 per month.

What is the best way to lease a new Infiniti with 0 down?

At VIP Auto Lease of Long Island, we have some of the best zero down leases on every 2021 Infiniti model. With proof of income and a strong credit score, you can qualify for one of our many Infiniti leasing specials, including 0 down leases. We deliver anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk County NY.

What are the benefits of leasing an Infiniti?

Two of the most popular reasons for leasing an Infiniti in Long island are:

  • Low monthly lease payments
  • Zero down lease options

When I lease an Infiniti, how many miles can I drive a year?

When you lease a car from VIP Auto Long Island there is an annual mileage between 8000-12000 miles per year. The lower the mileage limit, the lower the payments will be.

Can I extend my lease at the end of the contract?

Yes, when your Infiniti lease contract is concluding you will usually have an option to extend the lease period for additional time.

When I lease an Infiniti how often should it be serviced?

Every 5000 miles it is advisable to have your Infiniti services which include the oil, oil filter, brake inspection, and tire rotation. 

When I lease an Infiniti, which oil should I use?

Infiniti recommends using a specially formulated premium motor oil that was designed for the Infiniti engine. Both conventional and synthetic are available as 5w-30.

Are Infiniti’s safe vehicles?

Most of the new Infiniti lineup has 5 star safety ratings including the QX50, QX60, and QX80 according to the NHTSA.


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