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Land Rover FAQ:

What is the best Land Rover to lease in Long Island?

The best Land Rover to lease is from VIP Auto Lease In Long Island is the all new Discovery Sport A versatile compact SUV that can seat 7 and is available for only $499.47 per month with a  39 month lease.

Is Land Rover a good vehicle to lease?

Leasing a Land Rover in Long Island can have lots of benefits like flexible down payment options, less sales tax, and the peace of mind of having a brand new off road SUV with no maintenance issues.

When I lease a Land Rover how often should I change the oil?

Land Rover recommended keeping up with consistent oil change every 5k-7k miles and it is best to use a synthetic based oil.

What options do I have when the lease ends on my Land Rover?

If you do not wish to return your land rover at the end of the lease you are able to extend the lease for additional time or to purchase the vehicle.

What safety features come on a Land Rover?

When you drive a leased Land Rover you will know that you and your family are fully protected through their many top of the lines safety technologies like:

  • Park Assist
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • 360° Parking Aid
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking

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