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Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota, a Japanese automobile giant. Since after launching its first model in the US in 1989, and for years down the line, Lexus has kept its pursuit of perfecting on the production of class-leading luxury vehicles abreast. Today, Toyota’s Lexus lineup of luxury vehicles is marketed throughout the world and recognized as combining superior craftsmanship with excellent engineering and designs. The Lexus brand is now associated with exhilarating quality and luxury,with top customer satisfaction to earn it a spot in the top-selling brands in mid-range luxury vehicles.

Our unique catalog on top Lexus vehicles features the very best Lexus sedans, coupe, and SUVs, all available for lease at unbeatable lease rates. Some of these top models covered by our mind-blowing leasing terms and policies include the RX350, GX450, RC 300, NX300, EX300, UX 200H, and a whole lot more.

Lexus UX 200 FWD, NX 300 AWD And 300H AWD SUV

The 2020 UX 200 FWD SUV is a luxury Crossover that provides a smooth ride (even while driving over rough terrain) with comfy seats. Inside the UX 200 is a generous fix of upscale materials. It also bags one of the best fuel economy ratings in its segment. The 2020 NX 300 AWD and 300H AWD SUV comes with an appealing and breathtaking styling, less SUV, and handling and ride quality of a typical luxury car. Loads of tech upgrades were made available in the 2020 model.

Lexus ES 300H sedan

Further down in our inventory is the 2020 Lexus ES 300H sedan. This mid-sized luxury car delivers whatever you will want from your sedan without compromising in any form. The hybrid sedan comes with a full pack of high-end tech and active safety paraphernalia. Its robust powertrain and overall excellent performance place this Lexus luxury sedan at the top of the shoppers’ list.

Lexus IS300 AWD Sedan

If you’re looking for a sportier model, you might take a look at the 2020 Lexus IS300 AWD Sedan. The IS comes with a unique sporty designing that doesn’t just end with its exterior craftsmanship but permeates further down to its interior and engine performance. A ride in the Lexus IS is so refreshing as its handling is very firm, with swift maneuverability.

Lexus RX350 Base

If you got your eyes on a crossover with a commanding exterior build, powerful engine, an excellent gas return for its class, and a cozy interior, the 2020 Lexus RX is the right ride for you. You can go for its base, the Lexus RX350, which is stocked with a long list of standard safety features, needed for a family vehicle, on you can opt for the more refreshing and sporty Lexus RX350 F Sport SUV models.

Lexus RC300 

Lovers of a luxury coupe that can as well meet the need of the family may have to check out the latest Lexus RC300 coupe. The all-wheel-drive RC300 is a top drivers’ choice coupe for lease offers an exhilarating ride quality, with a driver’s seat that is exclusively designed to give the driver an unmatched comfort.

Lexus GX460

Finally, if what you need from an SUV is an excellent combination of luxury and off-road ability, the three-row seven-seater 2020 Lexus GX460 is worth a perfect option. With bold and firm body artwork, this luxury SUV can confidently pass through all rough terrain without a flinch, and amazingly delivery a quiet cabin, even at that.


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