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The time has never been better to lease a brand new Mercedes Benz. We have the full Inventory of 2021 Mercedes of every model and trim. You can lease entirely online, or visit our local office in Great Neck NY. Our leases are available to everyone even those with poor credit. Easy online car leasing is now within reach for anyone looking for a new Mercedes in Nassau & Suffolk County.

We can trace these cars back to the original gasoline-powered vehicle of 1896. These cars are advertised as “the best or nothing”. Mercedes is often touted as one of the best brands of car ever. We think of these cars as being chauffeur-driven as it has an air of glamour. The name of the car defines it as something sophisticated, C-Class, E-class and S-Class sound elegant. The class of the car is subdivided into many categories, sedan, convertibles or coupe. The decision would be which one and that difficult choice need to be discussed with a car lease dealer.

What Marcedes Should You Lease


The sedan looks even more beautiful and better than before with its sportier design highlighted by LED headlights. Inside the artistically finished cabin cutting edge technology is displayed on a 10.3” display screen. Of course, you have the world at your thumbs as you can scroll through many functions on the steering wheel. A twin-scroll turbo, Direct Injection and CAMTRONIC valve adjustment engine power this machine. The coupe is a more streamlined version of the sedan and its 4MATIC® all-wheel drive responds to the driving conditions so you have peace of mind.


You will feel like you are being chauffeur-driven when you activate the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC® cruise control. Changing lanes or driving straight will never be the same again. The E-Class is a car that takes care of you with its aromatherapy massage or the PRE-SAFE® system that prepares you for a crash with its early warning system. With unparallel comfort and unbeatable power, the E-Class is a choice you will be delighted whether you opt for the sedan or coupe.


This one will outclass them all. The MAGIC BODY CONTROL® system scans the road ahead and adjusts the suspension to counter any impending bumps and dips in the road making this the ultimate ride of your life. This car pioneered many of the other features that other manufacturers are now developing for themselves. The S-Class is refining those innovations.


This SUV is in a category of its very own. No other SUV has a combination of high performance and high-end glamor. The aerodynamic design helps improve fuel consumptions as well as adding glitz to its look. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is a voice-activated control that will adjust the temperature or activate the navigation system. Now you know why people name their cars, this one will get to know you.


This is the smallest of the coupes in its class but as its a Mercedes it has all the class and all the top-level technology. Just sleeker. It packs 1.3-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol with cylinder shut-off for better fuel economy and it goes from  0-62mph in 8.2 seconds. It is roomy enough for everyone to sit comfortably and big enough to house all the features we covet in a Mercedes.

There is no option for a New Yorkers other than to lease a Mercedes. This car suggests success and oozes charisma so do yourself a favor and get down to a lease dealer showroom today to discuss the options .

Mercedes Lease FAQ:

Can I lease Mercedes with 0 down in Long Island?

Many of our clients in Long Island, with good credit scores qualify for a 0 down lease on 2021 Mercedes models.

Is it worth it to lease a new Mercedes?

Leasing a new Mercedes is an excellent option if you want to drive a luxury car for the least amount of money. Since the Mercedes are new, their depreciation is little, so the payments will be leasing that buying. Plus you can always feel comfortable driving a new and reliable car. 

Which is the cheapest Mercedes to lease?

The 2021 Mercedes Benz A220 Sedan is a 4 door turbo luxury car that can be leased for as low as $389.00 per month.

Which type of fuel should I use in a 2021 Mercedes?

The high-performance engines in a Mercedes were meant to run on high octane premium fuel (91 octane). This allows for the best conditions inside the engine to burn fuel more efficiently and run with more power.

When I lease a Mercedes, how often does it have to be serviced?

The new Mercedes vehicles should be serviced every 10k miles at least. The manual will have specific details and it is important to check for warning lights regarding tired and oil pressure.

How is the lease price determined?

When you lease a Mercedes the largest factor of the price is determined by the depreciation value of the vehicle. The expected value at the end of the lease (usually 3 years) is subtracted from the current value and broken down by the number of months. The size of the down payment will also help to determine the monthly payment.


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