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Mitsubishi FAQ:

What is the lowest cost Mitsubishi to lease in Long Island?

The lowest cost Mitsubishi and also one of the most popular to lease is the  5 seater  2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that has above-average cargo space and can be leased for as low as $175.95. 

Which oil is used in a leased Mitsubishi?

A leased Mitsubishi should come with and continue to use a synthetic based oil. Synthetic oils are recommended by Mitsubishi since they are healthier for the engines and burn cleaner. To confirm which type of oil it is a best practice to always check in the owner’s manual.

Is Mitsubishi a good car to lease?

Mitsubishi can be a very good car to lease here at VIP Auto Lease of Long Island. We have the cheapest down payment options, flexible monthly payments, and endless inventory options so our clients can also find something that suits them.

Does Mitsubishi have a Roadside Assistance service?

Yes, Mitsubishi has a 24/7 Roadside Assistance service that helps the drivers with flat ired, help when the car won’t start, assistance if you run out of gas, and even towing.

When I lease a Mitsubishi in Pennsylvania how many miles can I drive?

There are different leasing packages that allow for different mileage allowances. Most plans start with 8k per year and increase with 10k or 12k being the most common. The lower the annual mileage the lower the monthly payments will be. At the end of the lease contract, there is a fee that averages at .20 cents per mile for each mile over the limit.

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