Best Nissan Lease Deals Long Island

Like so many of today’s recognisable brands, they have evolved over time. The Nissan evolved out of the Datsun range and it was its small car range that proved so popular with consumers. In the wake of the 1973 oil crisis, there was a huge demand for smaller fuel-efficient vehicles. Nissan was at the forefront of this revolution. What makes Nissan cars so desirable is the collaborations with other car manufacturers so they produce some of the most efficient models in their class. If you are looking for a lease deal you should see the amazing range of Nissan cars on offer here in New York.

What Model Of Nissan Should You Lease?

Nissan Versa

This comes as a Sedan or a more compact version called the Note. The Versa Sedan is really roomy and spacious. Plenty of room for passengers and their cargo.  There are music and map apps to keep everyone entertained and on track with Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility. There is a rearview camera that is displayed on a 7” monitor for a safer driving experience. There’s is an electronic brake system that compensates for extra or unevenly distributed weight and an antilock braking system to help with those emergency situations. For your most important passengers, there is the  Snug Kids® program to protect your children as you drive. The Note has all these features just more compact.

Nissan Rogue

This crossover model comes with the strapline “Ready When You Are”. It has all the Intelligent Mobility that we admire in the safe, smooth drive that is a Nissan. The SV has a 2.5-Liter DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder engine which gives you 170 hp to enhance its on-road performance. The All-Wheel-Drive will adapt to the varying road conditions make this car not only safe and powerful but fuel-efficient too. The Active Ride Control smoothes out the bumps and ensures a jolt free experience. There are so many comfort features in a Nissan Rogue so you can cool down your vehicle remotely before you enter it which is perfect for the sweltering New York summers. Even your passengers have the benefit of rear A/C vents so no need to ride shotgun.

Nissan Leaf

It is 100% electric this award-winning car. So many New Yorkers are looking into electric cars and I can’t recommend this one enough. There are zero gas emissions coming from this model and none of the noise you get with a traditional engine. The battery pack is floor mounted for a lower center of gravity for a smooth ride. It can travel up to 226 miles on a single charge. Don’t worry if the charging point is compatible there are three different chargers to choose from. Aside from all the communication technology, this car comes with a ProPILOT Assist which takes the stress out of the daily driving tasks such as stopping and going. It also holds the lane for you. Something a New York commuter might appreciate.

There are so many wonderful makes and models to chose from that it makes sense to drive a Nissan. You should contact a Nissan Leasing dealership today here in New York. Nissan cars are top quality and cutting edge technology you will be spoiled for choice.