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Lease a 2021 Range Rover today!

VIP Auto Lease of Long Island has the cheapest 2021 Range Rover lease deals on every model!

  • Range Rover Sport
  • Range Rover Velar
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • New Discovery
  • Discovery Sport
  • Defender
  • and even plug-in hybrid models!

Range Rover makes some of the most desirable, luxurious and high-end sports utility vehicles on the market today. Now in Nassau and Suffolk County you can lease a Range Rover for the cheapest prices in the area. Whether you drive 8k miles per year or 15k we have a lease for you!, Get your instant Range Rover lease quote today!

Range Rover FAQ:

What is the cheapest Range Rover to lease in Long Island?

The cheapest Range Rover to lease in Long Island is the 2021 Discovery Sport SUV, a power, 355 HP, mid size SUV and can be leased for as low as $499.47 per month.

What is the best way to lease a new Range Rover with 0 down?

At VIP Auto Lease of Long Island, we have some of the best zero down leases on every 2021 Range Rover model. With proof of income and a strong credit score, you can qualify for one of our many Range Rover leasing specials, including 0 down leases. We deliver anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk County NY.

Is a Range Rover a good vehicle to lease?

Range Rovers are luxurious SUVs that hold their value for a long time. These are exactly the types of vehicles that are good to lease. The payments are usually less than financing the same model. Tax will be less since you are only paying for the value of the vehicle during the lease. For people who enjoy driving newer vehicles, a Range Rover lease can be an excellent option, and with so many lease specials, like zero down,  A Range Rover can be an excellent option.

How often should I have my leased Range Rover be serviced?

When using Castrol EDGE synthetic oil, as recommended by Range Rover, the SUV should be serviced every 7k miles on average.

Can I buy the Range Rover that I am currently leasing at the end of the contract?

Yes, Most leasing contracts include options to buy the vehicle just before the end of the contract. When you are negotiating your lease it is best to ask about which end of lease option you will have, which also typically includes extending the lease or returning at the end of the lease period.

What safety features come on a Range Rover?

Range Rovers come equipped with a full line of safety feature packages including the Park Pack and Drive Pack which each come with complimentary driver assistance features.

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