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Lease a 2021 Volvo today!

The new 2021 Volvo lineup is now available to lease in Nassau & Suffolk County. And we have the top leasing specials in the entire state of NY!

The top Volvo SUVs include the:

  • XC90
  • XC60
  • XC40

And the top Volvo cars include the:

  • V60
  • S60
  • S90

Volvo has always been rated one of the safest vehicles to drive whether it be one of their luxury SUVs, wagons, crossovers or sedans. They are perfect for individuals or families or any age group with more customizable functions and safety tech than any other year! Lease a new 2021 Volvo today from VIP Auto Lease of Long Island

Volvo FAQ:

What is the cheapest Volvo to lease in Long Island?

At VIP Auto Lease of Long Island, the cheapest Volvo available is the 2021 Volvo S60 Sedan that can get over 22 mpg in the city on a 250 hp turbo engine for only $305.00 per month.

How to get a zero down lease Volvo?

Zero down leases are one of the biggest benefits of leasing a Volvo. We run promotions throughout the year in Long Island where you can lease most 2021 Volvo models with $0 down, or if you have a strong credit score you can qualify year-round.

Do I need to use synthetic oil in my Volvo?

When you lease a new Volvo it the engine is able to operate efficiently on regular petroleum-based oil, synthetic blends, or fully synthetic oils. The benefit of synthetic oil is that you can double the distance or time between oil changes.

When I lease a Volvo how often does it have to be serviced?

For a Volvo to remain in top shape, efficiency, and performance it should be serviced at least once a year or every 10,000 miles. Servicing should always include fluid changes, tire rotation, and brake inspection.

Is it a good idea to lease a Volvo?

Leasing a new Volvo can be a very good idea for those who enjoy lower lease payments, down payment, and taxes. Since the leasing price is based on the depreciated value of the car, Volvos have very favorable payments since they hold their value for many years.

Does Volvo have a good safety rating?

The 2020 Volvo lineup for both SUVs and cars have a perfect 5-star safety rating for both side and front impacts by the NHTSA. They have a reputation as some of the safest cars on the road which is enhanced by technology like blind-spot monitoring.

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