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While leasing a BMW reflects having an exquisite taste. Besides, who doesn’t love a Bimmer? However, many factors may push you to return your BMW lease early. It could be that you’re dissatisfied with the deal or need an upgrade. It could also be that life happened, and so you can’t meet up with the payments. Whatever the case might be, VIP Auto has carefully designed a lease exit service to help you end your lease in no time. Above all, you can count on having a stress-free, smooth, and cost-effective time ending your BMW lease.
Our leasing services are designed for our pleasure. Our leasing process is quick and straightforward. Besides the unbeatable lease rates you will enjoy from leasing with us, you can count on getting a smooth lease exit whenever you want to get out of your lease. Want to have the most delightful lease experience when you lease a new car in LI? Lease a new BMW with us today!
The BMW History
Anyone who has achieved some level of success will always find a car befitting of the status. The BMW is one such car that represents class, status, and prestige. But do you know how this German brand grew to become one of the most desirable auto brands in the world? Well, here is a brief history of your favorite brand.
BMW (Bavarian Motors Works company) or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG began in March 1916 in the famous German city, Munich. The Franz Josef Popp and Karl Friedrich Rapp founded company was in the business of producing aircraft engines from 1917 to 1918 and from 1933 to 1945. However, in 1923, the company decided to try its hands on motorcycles. From making motorcycles, they moved into the growing automotive world a few years later.
After its first stroke of success with the motorcycles and the cars, BMW has steadily built a reputation for offering exquisitely crafted machines with top-shelf styling and compelling performance. Over the years, BMW has extended to providing many models to serve the needs of all luxury car shoppers.
Every year, the BMW Company seems to be outdoing itself, offering better versions and models of their previous offerings. This German automaker has many other divisions, including the super luxurious Rolls Royce, the capable MINI, and the BMW Motorrad, which is basically the market name for BMW motorcycles.
BMW is one of such cars that needs no intro. The ever luxurious and charming BMWs are simply the exquisite machine for anyone that values the good things of life. Are you one? Then, lease a new BMW today!

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