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This is VIP Auto Lease Of LI. Welcome to the people’s favorite dealership for the best lease deals and the most satisfying leasing services. Are you looking to lease a new Chevrolet in Long Island? Or are you thinking about how to terminate your Chevrolet lease without incurring the hefty penalties that come with it? You need not worry about that. We are here for you.
You can decide to end your lease for many reasons. Even having a Chevrolet lease won’t change that. Either you want to end your Chevrolet lease because you feel dissatisfied about the deal, or because you can’t meet up with the payments, or you want an upgrade, for whatever reason. Terminating a lease hardly comes in a platter. But if you know the right dealership, you might as well walk out of your lease without breaking a sweat. And the one dealership you can count on in LI to give you the most delightful lease exit service is VIP Auto.
Want to lease a new Chevrolet or get out of your Chevrolet lease? All it takes is a brief chat with us, and before you know it, you’re already out of your old lease or on with a new lease.
The Stylish Chevrolet Cars
Call it Chevy or Chev, Chevrolet cars are one of the most famous American auto brands. And with its unwavering charm, exciting performance, and practicality, Chevrolets will always remain one of the best cars to lease anywhere in the US. But how did this American brand grow so big?
Chevrolet has quite a fascinating history. While General Motors (GM) acquired Chevrolet in 1918, the Chevrolet started out of the mutual agreement between an auto company CEO, William C. Durant, and the intelligent race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, in November 3, 1911. While Louis Chevrolet started under the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, his later alliance with the already growing auto conglomerate owned by William C. Durant soon saw the small Chevrolet Motor Car Company merging with the big wolf, and so becoming a member of the GM family.
Soon after it became part of the GM family, it took the Chevrolet no time to distinguish itself from its other sibs. While its sib like the GMC is focused on the luxury end of the market, Chevrolet was focused on catering to the needs of shoppers looking for a mainstream car with excellent value.
The first Chevrolet car, the Model D, came with a V8 engine and three-speed transmission, which, no doubt, was ahead of its time. This exceptional Chevy Model D was a formidable contender with the famous Ford Model T. A Few years later, Chevrolet produced cars that beat what the Ford offers, and by doing this, the Chevrolet model became the best-selling car in the United States.
Talk about leasing an SUV, truck, sedan, or sports car. Chevrolet offers the best options anyone can get. With its near-luxury equipment, stylish bodywork, exhilarating performance, and comfortable ride, the Chevy should always be at the top of your list if you don’t want to toe the line of luxury cars but still appreciates the finer things in life.

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