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VIP Auto is always the perfect go-to lease dealership for the best lease deals & specials in Long Island. Are you thinking about leasing a new muscle car, a new Dodge, or do you want to exit your Dodge lease? You are at the right place!
We are VIP Auto, and we offer unbeatable lease bargains on all cars, including the Dodge. Our leasing services are one of a kind. And if you want to return your lease early, for whatever reason, we are here for you. We have designed a system that makes lease exit on any car to be as smooth and quick as possible. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the penalties that come with terminating a lease early.
Dodge offers one of the best trucks anyone can lease in LI. Whether you want solely a muscle car or one that balances power with practicality, Dodge offers the best in each of these categories. But many reasons can force you to return your Dodge lease early. Regardless of why you want to return your lease early, rest assured of getting the most seamless and unforgettable lease exit service with us. At VIP Auto Lease, we delight in seeing all our customers smile due to the level of satisfaction they get from our leasing services.
Time to lease a new Dodge in Long Island? Do you want to terminate your Dodge lease in Long Island but don’t know how best to go about it? All it takes is a call to VIP Auto and boom! You’re out of your lease.
The Efficient Dodge Cars
When it’s time to lease a powerful and insanely performance-oriented car, the Dodge is the name that first comes to most peoples’ minds. And that’s for all the right reasons. The Stellantis’ Dodge is one of the fore auto brands that best embodies the American heritage of bold styling, insane powers, thrilling performance, and top-shelf convenience features.
While the Dodge is now part of the Stellantis, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, this once Chrysler’s mid-priced brand started with the Dodge Brothers Company, founded in 1900. The Horace and John Dodge company was solely a machine company, focusing on making chassis components and other automotive parts to auto companies, including Ford. While the Dodge Brothers Company was relatively successful in its niche, the company saw an opportunity in the auto market. It didn’t waste time to grab it. And so, in 1913, the Dodge Brothers went into the car-making business.
While the Dodge Model 30 was the first car offered by the Dodge brand, the successful run of this lone model paved the way for the Dodge brand in the auto world. The succeeding models of the iconic Model 30 were built on the same sense of offering a robust and performance-based car. Even with the change of ownership, from the Dodge Brothers to Dillon, Reed & Co. in 1925, and Chrysler in 1928, the Dodge brand has never ceased to thrill the market with its audacious styling and monstrous power.
Dodge cars are always the number one pick for any shopper that values power and performance above every other thing. Want to know what it feels like to zip through the streets and freeways of Long Island in insane power? Lease a new Dodge today!

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