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Welcome to VIP Auto. There are many auto lease dealerships in Long Island. Still, VIP Auto stands out due to its unbeatable lease rates and exceptional leasing services. Are you wondering how best to terminate your Volkswagen lease, maybe go for an upgrade or simply get out of your Volkswagen lease? VIP Auto is here for you!
Many dealerships in LI offer lease exit services. While most of them come with the promise of giving you a fast and easy way out of your lease, no one does it better than VIP Auto. And even with their tempting offers, most of the time, their lease exit can prove to be more costly, forcing you to pay the penalties for terminating your lease early. Of course, you can’t blame them for that, as that is typical with lease exit. But what if I tell you there’s a way for you to exit your Volkswagen lease smooth and fast, with little or no monetary penalties?
We are VIP Auto. We are the people’s favorite dealership for the most memorable and satisfying lease experience. If you want to lease a new Volkswagen, we offer the lowest possible rates. And if you want to get out of your Volkswagen lease, we are here to give you an easy and quick way out.
At VIP Auto Lease, we delight in offering the best auto lease experience to all-out teeming shoppers in LI. If you want to end your Volkswagen lease, we have created a system to assist you. We guarantee you a stress-free, smooth, little or zero cost and zero headache time getting out of your Volkswagen lease. All it takes is for you to reach out to us, even from the comfort of your room, and in no time, you’re out of your Volkswagen lease.
The Story Of The People’s Car
Remember the legendary Beetles from the days? Volkswagen is not a new kid in the block. The iconic German automaker has been around for ages, offering one of the most reliable and versatile cars with affordable pricing. And over the years, the German brand has moved from offering the once king of the road, Beetles, to offering an innovatively styled car that still retains the Volkswagen heritage of efficient and reliable means of transportation.
The Volkswagen story began in 1937, courtesy of Adolf Hitler. He wanted a family-friendly car that could accommodate a small German family. Hitler wanted to make it possible for many average-class Germans to be able to afford a car. He commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to design an efficient car that could take two adults and three children. In the following year, 1938, the “KdF-Wagen,” a prototype of what will be the first Volkswagen car, was introduced. In the years that followed, it witnessed Volkswagen releasing a different set of uniquely styled cars, marked with exceptional fuel-efficient engines, excellent build quality, and a comfortable cabin. And to date, Volkswagen has never reneged on any of these qualities. All Volkswagen cars come with unparalleled build quality, outstanding reliability, and outstanding fuel-efficient engines.
Do you want quality, style, versatility, and comfort that are hard to beat? Leasing the Volkswagen will give you just that.

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