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Alfa Romeo Lease FAQ:

What safety features come on a leased Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo, being a luxury car, come with many safety features like the:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Automatic High Beams 
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Infrared Windshield

Is it better to lease or to buy an Alfa Romeo?

For most people in Long Island, leasing an Alfa Romeo is a better option because it means driving the car of your dreams for 20% cheaper, having a smaller or no downpayment, and flexible mileage options. 

What is the mileage limit when I lease an Alfa Romeo?

Mileage limits are set at the start of the lease and can be as little as 8k per year and as much as 12k per year.

What is the best Alfa Romeo to lease in Long Island?

The brand new 4 door Giula is one of the best Alfa Romeo cars to lease in Long Island because the payments can be as low as $473.00 per month with a 39 month lease.

How often do I need to rotate the tires of an Alfa Romeo?

At least Every 7,500 miles is the recommended distance to rotate the tires and change the oil of a new Alfa Romeo.

Which oil is best to be used in an Alfa Romeo?

Alfa Romeo recommended using a fully synthetic premium oil in the engine for the duration of the lease. Synthetic oils can go farther distances between oil changes and keep the engine better lubricated.

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