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VIP Auto Group of Long Island is an award winning car leasing company that always puts our customers first by providing impeccable customer service and the best pricing in town. Our leasing process is designed to be haggle free as we provide you with the lowest costs from the get go. We try as hard as possible to get you into the car of your dreams on YOUR terms. Call or visit us today and experience what it means to lease like a VIP. We offer the best 0 down lease deals in Long Island on any make and model, guaranteed. This includes Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Jeep, GMC, RAM, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Volkswagen & any other make and model under the Strong Island sun.

Unbiased Tips: Get The Best Zero Down Lease Deals in Long Island

Leasing a car allows you to use a new (or used) vehicle for a fixed period of time, usually around 3 years. During the time you are using the car you make payments for the use of the car that usually covers the depreciation of the car during the time period the car is in your possession. Your payments also includes certain taxes and extra fees. At the end of the lease you can either purchase the car or return it.

Leasing a car can give you the advantage of driving a new car every few years without having to pay the full cost of buying a new car.

However, you want to get the best possible deal when leasing a car, so here are some tips that can help you lease a car for less than you may expect.

Look for Those Lease Specials

Both car manufacturers and car dealers occasionally offer lease specials on certain makes and models of cars. If you are willing to lease one of the cars offered on the special then you can lease a car for a good bit less than during the typical lease.

Get Lease Quotes From Three or Four Dealers

Don’t lease your vehicle from the first dealer you speak too. Talk to three or four dealers and get quotes from all of them. Make sure you ask that their quote covers all fees including the actual lease fee, taxes, other fees etc. Then compare your overall monthly payments before choosing a dealer to work with.

Check the True Market Value of the Car You Plan to Lease

In order to make sure you are getting a good lease rate on your vehicle, you need to know the true market value of the car you are considering leasing. Car dealerships may try and use the price they are selling the car for rather than the actual value (which on a new car may be lower that what the car is being sold for.)

Look for A Vehicle With A High Residual Value

Some vehicles have higher residual values than others (This means that some cars will be worth more after the lease expires). Look for those vehicles with a higher residual value because your overall payments will be less.

Stay Within Your Yearly Mileage

When you sign a leasing contract you are given a set number of miles you can drive the car each year. You need to keep to that mileage to prevent large additional charges you will have to pay when the lease expires. If you know at the time of lease you will need to put additional mileage on the leased car each year then talk to the leasing agent and get a higher mileage limit. While this will add to your monthly payments, it will cost much less overall than having to pay $.15 or $.25 per mile for every mile you went over the mileage limit at the end of the lease.

Invest in GAP Insurance

While your lease will require to maintain full insurance on the vehicle you are leasing, that insurance may not cover the entire cost of the car should the car be stolen, totally vandalized or involved in a serious accident. GAP insurance will make up the difference between what the insurance company values the car and the actual cost.

If you follow these 7 tips you are more likely to get a great deal on a leased car and help keep your monthly payments down without any surprised cost at the end of your lease.