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Buick Lease FAQ:

What is the best Buick SUV to lease in Long Island?

The best SUV for your money when it comes to leasing in Long Island is the brand new Buick Encore, which is only $268.00 per month and comes with AWD.

When should the tires be rotated on a Buick?

When you lease a Buick it is recommended to rotate the tires every 7,500 miles. Buick coms with Onstar which will set a reminder in advance of the tire rotation to make it easy to remember.  

How often does a Buick need an oil change?

During the duration of your Buick lease, it is important to maintain a regular schedule for the oil change between 5k-7k miles when using synthetic oils.

What is the Oil Life Monitoring System?

OLS is part of an onboard computer system on a leased Buick, which monitors driving conditions and habits to notify you when an oil change is needed. This helps make driving your Buick easier and keeps the engine healthier.

What charges are expected when I complete my Lease contract?

  • Upon the completion of a Buick lease some of the charges can include:
  • Excess wear and tear charges
  • Final payment
  • Over mileage charges (anything above the mileage allowance)
  • Any remaining taxes.

What is considered extra wear and tear?

 During a lease, extra wear and tear issues include; broken parts, dents or damage, and cracked glass. 

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