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Cadillac is to luxury what Pickup is to practical in America. The design of these vehicles allowed for mass productions as many of the components are interchangeable. Cadillac was the first American company to be awarded the RAC’s Dewar Trophy for just this in a reliability test.  This feat gave rise to the company slogan “Standard of the World”, a bar it has set very high indeed. If you don’t believe me, then go and check this out for yourself at a car lease dealership right here in Long Island.

What Cadillac Should I Lease


The large Escalade SUV feels more like a sports car with a 10-speed automatic transmission, so more power and smoother acceleration than ever before. Its 420-hp 6.2L V8 engine delivers the power and the Continuous Variable Valve Timing, Direct Injection and Active Fuel Management ensure it is fuel-efficient. The navigation system allows you peace of mind for a stress-free arrival. The comfortable seating ensures you arrive feeling calm after being entertained by the Bose Centerpoint® Surround System. You can get in or out of this car using the power assist steps.


The grille and crest greet you in this crossover model. You can open the trunk with a deft little kick, all these external features are pleasing to the eye.  Safety and beauty combine in this nifty number. Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, IntelliBeam®, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Front Pedestrian Braking and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are available with the XT5. The cabin is fitted with wood and leather components for that luxury feel. Those seats can be folded flat for additional carrying space. if you like to look for the sky you can with the UltraView® Power Sunroof spanning the length of the car.


The Cadillac XT4 is a compact SUV which comes packed with features, trims and a powerful engine to keep you racing around the city. On the outside, there are LED lights to help you see the way. Front and rear parking assists make the car easier to manoeuvre into tight gaps. All your technology can come together in one place with Phone integration with Apple® CarPlayTM† and AndroidAutoTM† compatibility. Driving with ambient lighting can calm the soul even in the New York rush.


The Cadillac CT6 is a premium luxury in a drive and powerful to boot. The 4.2L Blackwing Twin Turbo V8 takes you from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The Super Cruise™ technology is hands-free so this car could be described as driving itself. Its Rotary Infotainment Controller allows you to be in charge of the navigation, entertainment and climate of the vehicle. This sedan

There are so many elements to the American dream and driving a Cadillac is the embodiment of that. Powerful and beautiful the distinctive crest is an iconic symbol for what is good and right. In New York, the hub of our nation you have a choice, find to a lease dealer today and find out what options will suit you best.

Cadillac Lease FAQ:

Which Cadillac is the best to lease for the price in Long Island?

The 2020 Cadillac XT5 is a midsize SUV that is the best to lease based on price and performance. It is available for as low as $754.00 per month.

Does Cadillac come with Onstar?

Cadillac, like most GM vehicles in the USA, has Onstar which provides 24-hour emergency assistance and vehicle diagnostics.

Is synthetic oil is required for Cadillac?

All leased 2020 leased Cadillacs are using either a synthetic or synthetic blend oil. Dexos is an oil brand manufactured by GM and is recommended for all its brands including Cadillac.

Which octane gasoline should I use in my Cadillac lease?

Cadillacs run best on a 90 or 93 octane fuel in order to achieve the best fuel efficiency and performance. Most models can also run on Flex Fuel which is mixed with ethanol.

Does Cadillacs come with Roadside Assistance when leased?

Cadillacs include a roadside assistance program that provides services like: towing, car lockout, emergency fuel delivery, and more.

Are Cadillacs a safe vehicle?

According to the NHTSA Cadillacs score 4 or 5 stars on the overall safety test: Including their most popular SUVs the XT series.

Which Cadillac has the best gas mileage?

The CT6 is able to get around 25 mpg in the city and almost 35 mpg on the highway.

Is it cheaper to lease a Cadillac?

Yes, Caddilacs are almost always cheaper to lease, sometimes up to 30% less than buying one. 

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