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Lease a 2021 Maserati today!

Now you can lease one of the top luxury cars at a price you can afford! The new 2021 Maserati is in stock and available at VIP Auto Lease of Long Island:

  • Ghibli
  • Levante
  • Quattroporte
  • GT Convertible
  • MC20

You can get a  zero down lease on almost every model of the new Maserati. Your favorite Masarti has flexible leasing like leasing terms that vary from 2-5 years and you can lease from your own home and we deliver! Get your instant quote online today or stop by our local office serving Nassau and Suffolk County!

Maserati Lease FAQ:

What is the best Maserati to lease in Long Island?

One of the most popular mid-size luxury crossover SUVs: the 2021 Levante is the best Maserati to lease in Long Island. With a 39 month lease, it can be leased for  $999.00 per month with flexible mileage limits.

What is the best way to lease a new Maserati with 0 down?

At VIP Auto Lease of Long Island, we have some of the best zero down leases on every 2021 Maserati model. With proof of income and a strong credit score, you can qualify for one of our many Maserati leasing specials, including 0 down leases. We deliver anywhere in Nassau or Suffolk County NY.

What safety technologies come on a new Maserati?

Many 2021 Maseratis such as the Ghibli, Quattroporte, and GranTurismo come with state of the art safety tech. Some that you can expect to come on your lease include:

  • Stability Control
  • Rearview camera 
  • Rain sensor
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System 
  • And more

Where are Maserati Cars manufactured?

Maseratis are manufactured in Italy, since their start in 1914. In 1993 there were bought by another Italian car company; FIAT. 

How fast can a Maserati go?

Maseratis engines which are made by Ferrari can travel up to speeds of about 190 MPG!

What engine options come on a leased Maserati?

New Masarits come with turbo engines, usually an automatic transmission, and options for both four wheel drive or all wheel drive.

What size screen comes in a 2021 Maserati?

When you lease a Maserati you can enjoy the 8.4-inch touch screen display that comes with:

  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Navigation
  • Bluetooth
  • And more!

How often does a leased Maserati need its oil changed?

With a high-quality synthetic oil, you can go between 10,000-15,000 miles or at least once a year between oil changes on a Maserati.

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