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There is no way you would mention luxury vehicles without a BMW vehicle being mentioned at least once. Their unique dual-patterned grille design and headlight give them that distinction amid other types of luxury vehicles. They also handle tasking driving requirements quite nicely, with their smooth handling and quick transmission providing an excellent behind-the-wheel experience for drivers. BMW lease deals are pricey, unlike your average vehicle, but the reward of an elite driving experience and world-class infotainment is worth it. Take a look at the five most luxurious BMW vehicles you can lease at accommodating prices right now at VIP Auto in Long Island.

2021 BMW X6 XDR401 SUV

This SUV is a critical lift when contrasted with the X4 and X5. The interior space is ample, and it looks renowned. The 3.0-liter inline-six turbo engine and eight-speed auto transmission nearly make the weight insignificant when driving. It has excellent handling and an effortless exterior

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