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In the 2019 Shanghai auto show, Nissan revealed its new Chinese Sylphy sedan, which is going to be the new 2020 Nissan Sentra as soon as it lands in the US. The compact sedan, the product of the Japanese auto giant, was rebadged and exported under the name of Nissan Sylphy in 2013. The very famous Nissan Sentra continues the bear the imprint of the parent company. When it comes to the overall look, the sight of the new Sentra is so breathtaking.

Unlike the previous similar semblance with the Versa, the latest Sentra looks have evolved to more like the bigger Nissan Altima, while still having like design with Maxima as well as the Versa. This current model is nothing quite like the previous ones. The bigger build-up of the new Nissan places it at a great spot against rivals. With so much styling as the Maxima and Altima, the new Sentra is nothing but

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