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The Atlas is a powerful, spacious, and comfortable SUV well-worthy of the universal acclaim it’s received upon its arrival. This mid-size three-row Atlas is, so far, the German carmaker’s best crossover marketed in the U.S. See what versions you can lease from your local lease dealer in Long Island.

Can We Expect Major Changes To The Atlas In 2020? The Size is Key

In order to be able to offer as much space as it does, Volkswagen cut back on the interior craftsmanship. This is a mid-size SUV but it has three rows. It’s one of the most versatile vehicles with plenty of luggage space and a roomy third row. Furthermore, Volkswagen has developed a version called the Atlas Cross Sport which has only two rows. This is the model that is receiving all the attention. It has reduced the internal dimensions in favor of sleeker and sportier look and compact design.

Are There New
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