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The Ford Edge has always been known for its commodious cabin, extensive cargo capacity functionality, and fugitive Steering aid (which helps you avoid an imminent front crash by adding required steering input to an exigency maneuver). The Edge is a well-executed auto that earns its spot at the top. Besides its assertive styling, leasing the 2023 Edge will make you enjoy a comfortable and easy drive whenever you are on the go. It comes routine with an all-wheel drive and a big 12-inch touchscreen display, and if the standard machine is not enough, there is the spiced-up 335-hp ST model.

Engine, transmission & Performance

The turbo four-cylinder engine is up to the chore of transposing the Edge. At highway speeds, the acceleration could be better. Its reactions are heavily damped, but the thrust it eventually delivers is typically satisfactory. The transmission shifts easily though somewhat exorbitantly at times. This propensity, coupled with a tardy-to-respond gas

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