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The 2023 Honda Insight is the successor of the Civic hybrid. With a similar size and shape as Honda’s compact sedan, but an efficient gas-electric powertrain under the hood, the Insight is like a Civic that’s quieter at low speeds and delivers better mpg.

Many of the Civic’s best features are included. That covers a comfortable ride, exquisite interior, and a well-aligned steering. On the downside, the Insight can get noisy when you step on it. But, it’s a pleasant-looking sedan that doesn’t cost more than non-hybrid rivals and will save you money at the pump.

Engine & Performance

The Insight does a better job than most Honda models with miserly fuel economy. Its combination of a gas engine and electric motors provides a combined 151 horsepower, which motivates the Insight from zero to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds.

It can run on its electric motor alone for roughly one mile at lower speeds but [...]

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