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Some brands are still new to the electric vehicle segment, but not BMW. As this German automaker continues its quest to expand its electric lineup, the all-new 2022 BMW i4 is the new addition to the portfolio. This new EV is based on the gas-powered 3-series. Unlike the previous BMW EVs, the all-new 2022 i4 will be the brand’s first fully-electric gran coupe.

If you’re looking for an all-electric BMW vehicle that delivers exciting performance, posh interior, and futuristic tech amenities, leasing the 2022 BMW i4 is the deal. This fully-electric i4 Gran Coupe effortlessly combines the conventional BMW traits with EV elements to give a satisfying experience. From its stunning on-road presence to its performance and heavy set of tech niceties, this German brand further proves why it is at the top of the luxury car ladder. Although the all-new i4 may be more pricey than most of its rivals, it’s definitely worth every

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