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This question arises because of marketing and reputation we see the BMW is the epitome of class, strength, and status while VW appeals to the masses.  Do you know BMW drivers have a bad reputation among other divers?  Well, a legend has been created that BMW drivers are arrogant.  A BMW driver knows that they know they are not going to be let in readily.

Well, there are many similarities between these German cars. Bavarian Motor Works or BMW was founded in 1916 from a disused aircraft engine factory while Volkswagen or The People’s Car, was founded some two decades later. With their initials etched into a circle that is found on their front grilles. One thing is for sure is that both companies produce some of the world’s best-loved cars.

The two companies compete directly with each other at some levels.  VW also competes in a much wider range of the market from the

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