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Talking about going green, Honda is one of the first few brands to embrace electrification as far back as 1999 and mid-2000s with the Insight hatchback and FCX Clarity. While it didn’t register any considerable success then, there seems to be a new wind of change as the Japanese automaker will soon be launching a new electric SUV, the Prologue.

Honda has always appealed to shoppers with its solid build quality, reliability, and versatility. Thanks to the new partnership between Honda and General Motors, shoppers who have always wanted to lease a fully electric Honda model will finally have to settle with a new lineup of Honda EVs, starting with the upcoming 2024 Prologue.

What To Expect

Besides using the GM’s Ultium battery technology, every other thing about the upcoming Honda EV is solely about Honda. Other Honda EVs coming after 2024 will be fully built by Honda. The Japanese maker of reliable cars plans [...]

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