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The Rolls-Royce lineup is classified as rides of status and extravagance. Its huge waterfall grille and classic upright proportions convey a message of royalty, wealth, and class.

The 2023 Rolls Royce Phantom also stands out in the ultimate-luxury car class for its price, which is hundreds of thousands higher than those of rivals such as the Bentley Flying Spur or the Mercedes-Maybach S-class.

To the Phantom’s credit, there’s probably not a more comfortable luxury car on the planet. It wafts down the road, floating serenely over pavement imperfections while pampering its passengers with an array of sumptuous interior materials.

Plus, its big V-12 engine hums away nearly silently under the Phantom’s long hood, providing effortless power. There’s seemingly no end to the customization opportunities offered by the factory.

Engine & Performance

Prodigious power is provided by a silken 563-hp twin-turbo V-12 paired with an eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive. Acceleration is brisk, but Rolls-Royce’s claimed

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