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Once upon a time, the auto world was dominated with truck-based SUVs, which in all design is capable of tackling all road obstacles squarely. In recent times, the new breed of SUVs is the crossover SUVs. It may be sad to note that a good number of these SUVs are found wanting in roadworthiness, needless to say, the shaky fuel economy. Call it the adverse effect of the technological revolution in the auto circle; you can’t take away the fact that man will always require rides that can storm all-weather presented to him in the course of any ride.

Well, not all cars are lacking in that aspect, one of the exciting car brands that have still maintained the standard is the Jeep cars. Who does not know the name Jeep? The legendary brand name has come to be associated with diverse sub-brands of not only with adventurous rides but for the sheer joy of

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