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After partnering with Toyota, the Japanese automaker, Subaru unveiled its first electric car, the Subaru Soltera, during the 2021 LA Auto Show. Subaru performed beyond expectations. It’s not like most other automakers who got their first electric car by swapping the traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. Subaru got its first electric car not by converting any of its best-selling models.

While the Subaru shares the same EV platform as the Toyota’s first EV, Toyota Bz4X, and affords similar styling elements and mechanical components as the Toyota, it still comes with Subaru’s signatory features, including a standard all-wheel-drive system. This compact non-luxury EV crossover, with Latin words ‘Sol’ and ‘Terra’ meaning ‘Sun’ and ‘Earth’ in English, represents the brand’s commitment to offering eco-friendly and versatile cars. Despite its complete electrification and state-of-the-art tech equipment, the 2023 Subaru Solterra still appeals to shoppers with its go-anywhere ability and class-leading safety amenities.

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