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Like nearly every other major brand in the auto sector, GM has promised to embrace electrification in a colossal way. The 2021 CES trade show was filled with intriguing revelations about GM’s electrification plans. Besides the big news of the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq SUV, Cadillac announced that it would be coming out with an all-electric luxury sedan, the Celestiq.

The Cadillac Celestiq will serve as the flagship vehicle for the Cadillac’s EV lineup. This luxury electric sedan is a true flagship luxury sedan, fully packed with trailblazing technologies and exceptional build quality than any other Cadillac car. Inside, it sports a super spacious cabin with comfortable seats, a huge infotainment display, and pillowy ride quality. While Cadillac has not offered much information about its upcoming flagship luxury electric sedan, we expect it to be packed with the latest and best GM technologies and be available for leasing by 2025.

So, What’s there To Expect From [...]

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