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Volvo is a highly reputable name in the automotive world. This reputation is not only because of its iconic 200-series that took the world by storm. But also due to the fact it makes one of the safest and most reliable eco-friendly cars you’ll see today.

The Swedish automaker’s unparalleled adoption of fully electric and hybrid cars is a feat many brands are still working hard to achieve. And the safety ratings of Volvo’s cars are still as impressive as ever.

For the 2022 model year, the Scandinavian automotive powerhouse has added a beautiful nameplate to its lovely lineup. It has also made some adjustments and upgrades to ensure that its vehicles align with the latest trends.

Here are the significant changes in Volvo’s lineup for 2022

2022 C40 recharge

Volvo has introduced the C40 recharge, a stunning sloped-back SUV that will share the same platform as the XC40 SUV. The all-new C40 recharge features [...]

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