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Best Truck Comparison; The GMC Vs Ram Models

If you have been looking for that one truck that will fulfill all your transportation and comfort needs, brace yourself because the GMC and RAM are here to make that dreams of yours a reality.

Over time, both the GMC and RAM have become synonymous with quality trucks, with the two popular models of trucks been the GMC Sierra and RAM 1500. Both of these trucks share some close similarities in some aspects, like engine and body styles. However, the continuous twist in technology has always created distinct features between the consumers’ top-rated trucks. These distinct features, no doubt, could play a vital role in influencing your choice. You can get any of these models from most leasing companies but before you go signing your life away, know exactly what you are securing with your money.

The GMC Models

GMC is the acronym for General Motors Corporations, formerly called GMC Trucks. GMC is an automotive company that kicked off in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan. It was formerly known as GMC Truck. It is a brand name used on trucks, vans, and SUVs marketed in North America and the Middle East by General Motors. The GMC trucks made its first debut at the New York International Auto Show. Out of over 22, 000 trucks that were on display then, the GMC was only able to contribute 372 units. Notwithstanding the limited units of GMC trucks available, the trucks were publicly praised, and from then the reputation started growing.

The General Motors Corporations currently, is one of the leading brands in heavy automobiles like truck, vans, and SUVs, light-duty and medium-duty trucks. The brand has gained much popularity in North America and the Middle East. Also, they manufacture automobile engines as well.

The GMC trucks are the top buyers’ choice due to their performance and reliability on and off the road. The trucks, SUVs, and vans come with the highest grade designs, fully stacked with top-notch features and remarkable turning radius, which has made them so outstanding. They also boast of excellent handling and fuel efficiency.

The RAM Models

The RAM truck is an American brand of light to mid-weight commercial vehicles. It first made its debut, as Dodge RAM in 1981. The name was crafted from the Ram hood ornament present on Dodge cars since the 1930s. The automaker used terms like ‘1500’ to indicate a half-ton truck, ‘2500’ for a three-quarter-ton, and ‘3500’ for one-ton.

However, the RAM trucks were developed as its brand in 2010 as a division of FCA US LLC, a subsidiary of the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The RAM trucks are made at the Warren Truck Plant in Warren, Michigan, and the Saltillo plant in Saltillo, Mexico. The most modern series are being assembled at the Sterling Heights Assembly in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The foremost Ram models were designed based on the previous Dodge D-Series pickups but incorporated larger wraparound tail lamps, single rectangular headlamps, and squared-off body lines. The interior was refurbished with a more modern dash and instrument panel, adding more elegance and luxury to the interior. This masculine truck is one of the most sophisticated, most advanced and easiest to handle trucks you could ever come across.

The model trucks are multi-functional in both payload and towing capabilities. They are specifically designed to move in even remote places with rough and challenging conditions. These trucks have, within the last decade, come in different types according to their purpose. The Ram is equipped with a high hauling power output that makes it suitable for both towing and payload functions.

The Ram has attained critical acclaim for the class of ride it offers to its users. It is a truck that is quite different from most trucks.  This is clearly visible in the built and appeals of the Ram. A mere glance at the vehicle will give you the perception of a carefully designed truck, but when you actually ride it, you will experience the comfort of riding any luxurious ride. This luxurious twist is why so many people buy or lease RAM trucks today.

The stylish interiors, not to mention the super cool enhancements, make you want to go for a ride more often. The seating is crafted for your optimum relaxation, with enough legroom. Some notable areas of the truck have been endowed with special yet extremely useful features. The infotainment system is far beyond what is obtainable in most trucks.

The Ram is known to provide a power that exceeds your expectations. The V6 engine gives enough torque for better haulage and towing ratings. The cargo volume of the vehicle is definitely what you need. The RAM 1500, RAM 2500, and RAM 3500 are designed with enough cargo capacity to satisfy your expectations in trucks. There is just about enough space to keep any essentials you need for the voyage.

The best thing about the Ram trucks is its availability in a variety of models. So based on your specific preferences and budget, you can opt for that model that suits your desires.

Bottom line

If you look at these two trucks individually, both the GMC Sierra and the Dodge Ram 1500 (the most popular GMC and RAM truck models) are terrific trucks. But if you compare them side by side, you can easily point out some important differences. These might not make any noteworthy significance to an average consumer, but if you truly want to get the better truck, you need to pay attention to the finer details. The torque war amongst trucks is needful, as this can influence the truck’s ability to haul and tow heavy things. This is ultimately a function of the engine.  The cargo volume, fuel economy, and handling should not be sidelined. The vehicle price, warranty, and safety feature is also a strong determinant in your choice of truck.

You can keep these and all of the other differences in mind when shopping for a new car at VIP Auto Group Of Long Island for your choice truck.

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