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Top 5 American Made 2020 Mid-Sized SUVs For Your Buck

American midsized SUVs have been a cornerstone of the American auto industry for decades. They have improved with each year in features, safety, and technology. We have compiled a list of the 5 most cost-efficient SUVs to lease right here in Long Island, that are made in America.

Grand Cherokee
The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the best known mid-size SUVs in the off-roading world. They are known to be versatile and strong. The base model has a 295 hp v6 engine and all models come with RWD and/or 4WD. The infotainment is easy to integrate with any modern phone, and the controls are easy to use and have a luxurious feel. The interior is comfortable with plenty of room in the seats but with slightly less cargo space than some of its competitors. It has 36 cubic feet between the seats, but when they are folded it can expand to 68 cubic feet.

Ford Edge
Ford introduced the Edge in 2007 and has been making improvements each year. The mid-size SUV has a good price tag and even better fuel economy at 20 mpg in the city. The front dash infotainment isn’t quite as advanced as some of its rivals but it is roomy for all 5 passengers. The storage space on the Ford Edge is nearly 40 cubic feet. The engine produces a 250 hp which because of its lightweight makes it a vehicle with quick acceleration. Leasing is an excellent option for the Ford Edge for those that want even better savings.

GMC Terrain
The GMC terrain has the best fuel efficiency on this list at 21 mpg. It does that with a smaller engine either a 170hp or 253 depending on the trim. Both are turbocharged so it is a quick SUV, that is economical. It can store the basics in the back storage with 29 cubic feet of cargo feet, but the back seats fold down to almost double this. The safety is superb with a 5-star rating from the NHTSA and all the newest features like lane assist, monitoring, brake assist 360-degree camera, and more.

Lincoln Nautilus
The Lincoln Nautilus keeps the reputation of Lincoln’s standard for quality and comfort. It has an enjoyable, relaxing interior, with legroom in front of the quality seats, and an all-around good feel. The 250 hp base engine or the turbo 335 allows the Nautilus to get about 19 mpg in the city. There is plenty of cargo space with 37 cubic feet behind the back seats. The infotainment system comes with 11 speakers inside the cabin, Bluetooth, USB, 8inch touch screen, and plenty of other goodies.

Chevy Blazer
The 5 seater 2020 chevy blazer is a great mid-sized SUV. It is quick with good handling. There are three engine levels: the base at 193 hp, a 230ho turbo, and a 308 hp turbo 3.6 liter. The base might have difficulty because of its size merging onto the highway but it can handle ok. But all 3 models, especially the base, have excellent gas mileage averaging around 19-20 mpg in the city. Like some of its rivals it has around 30 cubic feet of cargo space in the far back, and great legroom for the passengers. Its two best features include the visually appealing and easy to use infotainment and its 5-star safety ratings.


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