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2022 Acura MDX Vs. 2022 Infiniti QX60: What Is The Best Three-Row Luxury SUV To Lease?

Many cars are making their way to the three-row luxury SUV segment. However, the Acura MDX and the Infiniti QX60 remain a model to beat. These two Japanese luxury models appeal to shoppers by offering a comfortable and luxurious cabin stacked with many family-friendly tech features while still delivering a refined driving experience.

Of course, there are many other family-friendly three-row luxury SUVs out there, but only a few easily blend exhilarating driving dynamics and comfortable ride quality like these two SUVs. The 2022 Acura MDX and Infiniti QX60 are compelling lease options in this segment.

Pitting these two rivals, which of them makes a better family three-row SUV lease? Is it the MDX or the QX60?

What’s New?

After skipping the 2021 model year, the MDX returns to the 2022 Acura lineup, bearing a ground-up redesign, just like its recently redesigned sibs, the RDX, and the TLX. The all-new MDX receives a sleeker and attractive exterior styling, more luxurious fitting, additional legroom, and a bevy of updates. To mark the beginning of its fourth generation, Acura packed more upscale materials, including open-pore wood, many upholstery options, and stainless-steel speaker covers, inside the new MDX. A 12.3-inch gauge cluster and infotainment display are standard across all 2022 MDX. Elsewhere, while Acura has dropped the Sport Hybrid model from the 2022 MDX lineup, a higher-performance model, the Type S model joins the lineup, offering a sporty option in the lineup. Above all, the new MDX is now more spacious than ever. Its cargo capacity has also improved so well.

After taking a break like the MDX, the Infiniti QX60 also gets a complete redesign for the 2022 model year. When the QX60 made its first debut back in 2013, it became one of the MDX’s strongest rivals, even nearly misplacing the Acura in the three-row luxury SUV class. With a ground-up redesign for 2022, history is bound to repeat itself. The QX60 is all out to upset the MDX again.

For 2022, the QX60 gets more attractive styling and premium cabin to take on some of the best cars in the three-row SUV segment. It really seemed that the break it took last year paid off, for the QX60 returned to the 2022 Infiniti lineup, becoming more luxurious than ever and affording a more attractive design and a swath of tech features.

It is now much easier to access the third-row seats of the 2022 QX60. While the interior is yet to attain the luxury height of the nicest cabins in the class, it is still very much impressive. It boasts more standard tech features and driver assists. While the former includes a new standard 12.3-inch central touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In contrast, the latter includes forward collision mitigation and rear automatic braking. Under the hood, this Infiniti still carries over the familiar V6, but this time, it pairs with a new nine-speed automatic transmission instead of a CVT. This means improved acceleration and better fuel economy.

Powertrain & Transmission

Under the hood, neither of these SUVs has changed much. They both still come standard with a 3.5-liter V6. In the fully redesigned 2022 MDX, this engine puts out 290 hp and 267 lb-ft of torque, while in the all-new 2022 QX60, it coughs out 295 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. The only notable changes under the hood are the replacement of the nine-speed auto with a 10-speed unit in the MDX and CVT with a nine-speed automatic transmission in the QX60.

When it comes to power, it will be hard picking one over the other, as the all-new MDX and QX60 impresses with their powertrain set up that delivers lively acceleration to cruise around town and enough power for the highway. However, the 2022 Infiniti QX60 lease deal gives you a slightly more powerful option, as its 3.5-liter V6 produces 5 more horsepower and 10 lb-ft less torque than the all-new MDX.

Although they offer different transmission (a 10-speed automatic for the Acura and a nine-speed auto for the Infiniti), which sends power to the front wheels or optional all-wheel-drive, their transmissions provide smooth and timely shifts.

Handling & Performance

Place these two SUVs on the track, and you’ll see them finishing close to each other. Still, if you want something slightly faster than the other, the 2022 Infiniti QX60 lease deal will hand you just that on a platter.

The completely redesigned 2022 MDX and the all-new QX60 provide an entertaining drive and composed handling. Although some may not find their driving dynamics impressive, these SUVs deliver a decent ride for a non-sporty SUV.

The all-new MDX is relatively comfortable and composed, but we might want to agree that the Infiniti is a more comfortable family hauler.

Fuel Economy

Whether you end up leasing the 2022 Acura MDX or the QX60, you can count on getting impressive fuel economy numbers with any of these three-row luxury SUVs. If you want to lease something that will give you lesser stops at the gas station, the 2022 Infiniti QX60 with an EPA estimated 21/26 mpg city/highway is a better choice than the all-new 2022 Acura MDX that returns 19/26 mpg city/highway.

Interior, Cargo

The interior of both SUVs is a nice place to be. Although they are far from being the nicest interior in the class, they are still very stylish and afford many luxurious fitting.

While the Acura takes a more modern approach to luxury, the Infiniti goes for a more traditional feel. Nevertheless, the cabin of both SUVs is spacious and comfy and seats up to seven.

The all-new Infiniti QX60 offers more head-and legroom space for passengers in the front than the 2022 MDX, but it’s slightly less spacious at the back than the MDX. The 2022 Acura MDX also offers more cargo area than the 2022 QX60.

Both the Infiniti QX60 and the Acura MDX return to the 2022 luxury three-row SUV segment, reaffirming their emphasis on value. To get the lowest possible lease rates when you lease any of these SUVs, contact VIP Auto Lease Of Long Island 164 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021 516-487-2886 https://www.vipautoli.com/.

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