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The Luck Of The Long Island Duck Lands Me A New Car

Way back in 1984 I bought my first car … an ‘85 Pontiac Grand Am.  What sold me on that little beauty was the fuel-injected 4 cylinders under the hood.  I lived in my home-country of Canada back then, how long ago it seems, and got pulled over as I drove it home from the dealership.  Apparently I’d been doing 143ks in a 70k zone.  Thankfully the officer had compassion … when I told her it was my first car and the first day I’d had it, she let me off with a warning.  Looking back, I realise that my love of driving hasn’t diminished one bit.  Now, all these years later, I’m pumped every time I even think about my latest (I picked it up last month) set of wheels.  I can’t tell you how hungrily I’ve been eyeing every Land Rover over the past few decades, it’s been a dream to own one and now I’m pinching myself, it’s hard to believe it’s really mine.

Before I moved to Long Island, back in 2004, I toured the Highlands of Scotland in my cousin Alfie’s 1978 Land Rover Discovery.  What a vehicle!  What a trip!  When I got back  home, I searched high and low for a ‘78 Land Rover … something in me became obsessed, I’m sure my fellow car-crazed-middle-agers know what I’m talking about.  Time passed, and no opportunities for my dream vehicle came my way.  Then, about three months ago while visiting the Big Duck in Flanders, I caught sight of a 2023 Land Rover Defender.  The owner, clearly a long time LR lover himself, gave me the low down and let me take it for a spin around town (I love NY!).

My trepidation at the thought of incurring a huge debt to make this dream come true was unfounded.  I actually feel really great about this purchase and, surprisingly, have no anxiety about the payments … a first for me as my income fluctuates from month to month.  Now, I’m cruising the countryside in my dream-machine and loving the feel of this vehicle, looking for more and more off-road ops and feeling almost as free & easy as I did all those years ago when I took that Grand Am off the lot.

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