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Why car prices are still so high — and likely won’t fall anytime soon The average new vehicle costs nearly $49,000, an almost $10,000 increase from before the pandemic. This is a look at today’s deeply weird auto market.

It’s a question many car shoppers want to know: Can you negotiate new car prices? The short answer is yes. However, for many, even the thought of negotiating new car prices can seem intimidating. Treat this experience like any negotiation and go in with a plan.

CarMax has 220 dealerships across the country, including three Upstate, and the retailer is planning to enter the downstate market with two new dealerships on Long Island – in East Meadow and Smithtown – that will serve the New York City area, the Richmond, Virginia-based company said.

The monthly cost to lease a new car in New York (2024): $650

Overall, a good rule of thumb is to try to keep your total car expenses at [...]

Way back in 1984 I bought my first car … an ‘85 Pontiac Grand Am.  What sold me on that little beauty was the fuel-injected 4 cylinders under the hood.  I lived in my home-country of Canada back then, how long ago it seems, and got pulled over as I drove it home from the dealership.  Apparently I’d been doing 143ks in a 70k zone.  Thankfully the officer had compassion … when I told her it was my first car and the first day I’d had it, she let me off with a warning.  Looking back, I realise that my love of driving hasn’t diminished one bit.  Now, all these years later, I’m pumped every time I even think about my latest (I picked it up last month) set of wheels.  I can’t tell you how hungrily I’ve been eyeing every Land Rover over the past few decades, it’s been a dream to own one [...]

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