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Full Mercedes C, E & S Class Comparison

The Mercedes is termed one of the best (if not the best) car manufacturing companies in the world; they are most known for their car insane beautiful design alongside longevity. The company decided to group its sedan models in two different groups initially, but have recently added a third model to their sedan family. The sedan family all looks familiar to a car novice, they do have distinctive features and one ought to be a car fanatic to spot these differences from body structure afar on mere looking at it without the presence of the other two. The sedan families are labeled C, E, and S models. Foremost was the C sedan model, it dominated for years before the arrival of the E family, and now recently the S sedan family. The C-Class is the smallest of the lot, designed for personal use and date around. The E-Class is a little bit large enough to accommodate the owner and his small family.

The S-Class is at the top of the Benz line; it’s highly luxurious. It’s made to be driven mostly by drivers; it’s uncommon for owners to drive themselves in it as the S-Class brand represents a class status symbol.

Below we are going to be looking at their difference of each model and what separates their design.

Comparison And Differences

The purpose of the S class to add more sleek design to their car, Mercedes didn’t just want to deviate the design of C class and E class, so instead, they opted to make a new sedan class and titled it the S Class. The new S-Class was the design approach Mercedes needed, making the brand even more stylish and luxurious than before. After the launch, the model’s proportions, elegant lines and luxury appeal were so well received by the public that Mercedes decided to implement the same visual philosophy on the S-Class’ smaller members.

In other words, Mercedes reckoned everybody wants an S-Class and they began offering the same recipe down in smaller packages, they started adding the design of the s class to other models but with little differences. For instance the three cars’ front end; they basically have the same sport design, with comprising the same oversized grille and the same headlights (although the E and the C-Class offer the sport variant as well), but each one has its subtle style cues, with the lower portion of the front bumper different to fit its segment.

The center air intake (below the grille) is the only one function and it’s a core design piece found on all models, but however, the one on the C-Class mimics the original S design, it has two nostrils, along the line that embeds the headlights, the one on the E Class design unites the above style cues to create the illusion of a continuous opening running the whole width of the front face. The headlights are also different as well, not in shape, but in the LED patterns that compose them.

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