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The Long History of the Chevy Suburban

The Chevy Suburban is one of the most iconic SUVs in the American marketplace. Since 1935 they have been manufactured, and always popular. A lot has changed though, over the last 86+ years of their production, and today in 2021, the Chevy Suburban is still the most popular full-size SUV. Let’s take a quick trip through time and see how the Suburban has changed.

First Generation

In 1935 the first Suburban was produced. Actually, before that, a transport vehicle was made for less than $700 (over $12k today) that was the predecessor to the suburban. It was meant to be a carry-all vehicle, with 3 rows and set up to 8 passengers. This was produced until 1940.

Second Generation

From 1941 until just after the end of WW2 Suburbans were produced for both civilian and military uses. Both were large 8 seater transport vehicles, with a smaller V6 engine.

Third Generation

From 1947-1954 they were designed on the frame and style of a pickup truck, still large but the bench seats found in previous models were split up. In the first row, there were 2 seats on the driver side and one on the passenger And split in the second row as well to allow access to the third row. The backdoor was either a tailgate or a panel door (like station wagons) which helped to distinguish the two styles.

Fourth Generation

From 1955-1959 the Suburban received an upgraded larger V8 engine to power the heavy vehicle. The name was also briefly used on a pickup series that was discontinued.

Fifth Generation

The first half of the 1960s brought many improvements to the style of the Suburban. Rounded corners, rounded wraparound windshields, and a more conservative hood. They were 4WD and 2WD models offered that came with either a 3 or 4-speed transmission and a V6 or V8.

Sixth Generation

From the end of the 1960s to the first years of the 1970s the Suburban was upgraded again with stronger, more powerful, and large engines. Enhancements in the auto industry like disc brakes were added in 1971.

Seventh Generation

The 7th generation was the longest-running from 1973-1991. Extra doors were added to make the Suburban permanently a 4 door vehicle. Automatic transmissions, AC, and more luxuries were added as more people came to own automobiles.

Eighth Generation

From 1992 came even more enhancements and more powerful, tension bars, coil springs, turbo engines, diesel, or gas all came in this period. The engines became more efficient, more powerful, and quicker.

Ninth Generation

This started in 2000-2006 and brought the suburban smoothly into the 21st century with all the safety features and luxury we have seen.

Tenth Generation

The 10th generation was rated for its time the most affordable large SUV and got a more modern aerodynamic look.

Eleventh Generation

The 11th generation lasted until the year 2020 with many trim options and redesigned yet again.

Twelfth Generation

Now in 2021, the new Suburban has been released and available to lease. The largest and most comfortable ever produced. To test drive one today contact the leasing experts in Long Island.

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