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Chevrolet Discontinues the base Colorado in 2021

In 2020, there were 5 different trims of the Chevrolet Colorado; the Base, WT, LT, Z71, & ZR2. However, for the 2021 Chevrolet Colorado, there are now 4 trims available, as Chevy has decided to drop the entry-level base trim. The base trim came with a smaller 4 cylinder engine that had lower sales than the other trims and wasn’t performing up to par. This could have been due to the low cost of gasoline lately and many people in the market for a pickup truck want a larger truck style, with more power, and more options. Additionally, evidence to this is that the Colorado has in recent years been “beefed” up a bit too stylish itself more after the Silverado, another Chevrolet truck that is one of the best selling in the market.

What does this mean for consumers?

For all intents and purposes, this means the price of the cheapest Chevy Colorado has not increased by about $4,000 if you were to purchase a new model. Since the Base trim was dropped, the next cheapest is the WT (work truck) which costs $4,000 more. But you definitely get much more for your money. For starters the engine is large, it comes with a 3.6 L V6 engine with more horsepower. There is also more seating and storage in the back row of the interior cabin. There are also a greater number of options for the upgraded touchscreen display and digital features. Not to mention larger and better look wheels.

No, that the 2021 Colorado is more competitive with more features and more power it fits the needs of more customers in various industries. Its size is appropriate to use as an everyday vehicle or as a family vehicle, but still has enough power to pull a trailer, carry equipment to and from job sites, 

With the 4 remaining trim options, there are two targets more towards the everyday driver, the WT and LT, and two for the offroad, 4×4 driver Z71, & ZR2. The two offroad editions come with stronger and more versatile transmissions with greater torque, larger tires, a more spacious interior, and greater features meant for the outdoor type. 

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