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The Evolution Of The Chevrolet Blazer

The Chevy Blazer is one of the most beloved SUVs for the last 50+ years. It has transformed through its history to better suit the market demand. Just in the last year, alone growth has increased by 45%. Now with the new 2021 Chevy Blazer, one of the sportiest ones yet, we expect great success as well in the leasing market in Long Island. We have prepared a short outline of how the Chevy Blazer has changed over the decades.

K5 Blazer- First Generation

Chevrolet first started to hit the markets in 1969 as a rugged and strong SUV to compete with other SUVs like the Cherokee and Bronco. It has a few engine options ranging from a 155hp up to a 255 hp and comes with the standards of the era; AC, radio, & power steering. It came only as a 4WD at first then the 2WD version arrived in 1970. One of the most identifiable features was the hardtop which could be removed to make it into a convertible style. Depending on the configuration it was either a 2 seater or 4 seaters.

K5 – Second Generation

The second-generation mainly came with the same engines but with a slightly updated body. The curves and front and rear of the Blazer were more rounded for the times, starting in 1973. The removable hardtop was altered to only be removed for everything behind the front seats. In 1976 a special “Chalet” model came out which included a pop-up camper in the rear bed where the back row would have been. Before the end of the second generation Blazer (1991), they even made a customized military version for the US army, the M1009.

S-10 Blazer- Second Generation

Since the K5 was made to be bigger, Chevy started to produce a scaled-down version of the Blazer in 1983 known as the S-10. It came with an 83 horsepower engine with 4 cylinders or a larger V6 with 110 hp. Until 1991 it was only offered as a 2 door, without the removable top, then after 1991, a 4 door was produced as well. In 1994 they upgraded the performance and rebranded as the S-Blazer with a 165 hp V6 engine.

K5 Blazer – Third Generation

Finally, in 1995 the removable top was removed for the full-size K5 Blazer. The engine was enhanced as a 210 V8. It was either a 2WD or 4WD and had option seating up to 6.  This was in the mid-1990s and the K5 eventually became a separate full-size SUV, the Yukon.


The Blazer made a  transition into more of a family-oriented vehicle then an offroad but kept a few optional trims with offroad packages. It fully occupied the space as a smaller mid-size SUV now and was made with a V6195 hp engine. Until 2005 they made this with both 2 door and 4 door options.

Blazer 2019

In 2019 the Blazer was totally redesigned with the body and frame of a crossover SUV instead of its more truck oriented design. They tried to merge the design of the Chevy Camaro to add a sportier shape and design which inspired the new Blazer Design.

Now the newest upgraded version, the 2021 Chevy Blazer has continuously enhanced and built off its strengths from previous years. Now we offer lease deals on multiple Chevrolet large and midsize SUVs all across Long Island.

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